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thumbnail image Pouring Cups

Product No 24


thumbnail image Pouring Cups on Stand

Product No 20

Pouring Cups And Accesories Watch Video

Product No 24

£240.00 Exc. VAT

£288.00 Inc. VAT

Great for cooking and play! Our pouring cup allows you to pour liquids, sand, or flour into the container of your choice. Simply activate the first switch and the cup pours into a bowl, pail or sandbox. The second switch returns the cup to the upright position. Enables users of all ages to actively partake in cooking exercises or engage in dramatic play. Perfect for teaching the laws of conservation. Available in two versions: on a stand or flex mount which attaches easily to flat surfaces, bars or table legs. Removable measuring cup facilitates easy cleaning.

Size: 27" x 4" x 3" Requires 4 AA Batteries

Watch Video

Product No 20 On Stand

£180.00 Exc. VAT £216.00 Inc. VAT

Size: 10" x 7½" x 5"


Product No 24Y Replacement Cup Holder Kit-Set of 2

£52.00 Exc. VAT £62.40 Inc. VAT


Product No 20X Replacement Cups-Set of 2 Modified, 2 Bottom cups

£52.00 Exc. VAT £62.40 Inc. VAT


Product No 24X Replacement Cups-Set of 4 w/Velcro

£55.00 Exc. VAT £66.00 Inc. VAT


thumbnail image Mothers Third Arm

Product No 9099

Mother Third Arm

Product No 9099

£86.00 Exc. VAT

£103.20 Inc. VAT

An extra hand! The Mother's Third Arm helps free caretakers by allowing the user to access cups and bottles held with the Arm’s adjustable Velcro strapor purchase our cup holder (sold separately) for added support. The Arm has an easy-to-use clamp and a flexible tube that can be positioned in a wide variety of angles. It attaches easily to wheelchairs, tabletops, strollers or highchairs

Size: 26"L x 2"D

PLEASE NOTE: Cup not included.


thumbnail image Clasroom/ Home Scheduler

Product No 3330

Classroom/Home Scheduler

Product No 3330

£95.00 Exc. VAT

£114.00 Inc. VAT

Mountable wall schedule! Our scheduler allows you to display a customized schedule of daily activities. Just mount our scheduler to the wall and attach your photographs or icons with Velcro (included). A moveable arrow identifi es the activity in progress. Mounting hardware included. 

Size: 35"L x 7"W x ½"H. Weight: 1¾ lbs.

PLEASE NOTE: Photos not included



thumbnail image Battery Operated Scissors

Product No 9080

Battery Operated Scissors Watch Video

Product No 9080

£118.00 Exc. VAT

£141.60 Inc. VAT

Join in arts and crafts!
These easy-to-use switch-adapted scissors allow you to participate in art and other classroom or home activities. Just activate your switch and your scissors will easily cut though paper. Easy to remove from special mounting.

Base size: 6"L x 8"W x 2"H. Scissor size: 6½ "L x 11/8"W x 2¼"H. Requires Capability Switch and 2 AA Batteries.


thumbnail image Handybar

Product No 2028


Product No 2028

£43.00 Exc. VAT

£51.60 Inc. VAT

Freedom is yours! Every so often we come across spectacular items, which strike us as being useful to people with disabilities. Provides you with security, independence, mobility, confidence, injury prevention and emergency escape. This new version gives you a strong alloy subframe, stainless steel seatbelt cutter, emergency window breaker. Simply insert the bar into the door lock loop on the vehicle, rotate to lock and use as a support to get in and out of your car.