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thumbnail imageProduct No 1490

Continuous Control Unit

Product No 1490

£194.30 Exc. VAT

£ Inc. VAT

Latch or Momentary!
This remote operates most AC appliances from a distance of up to 20 feet. Simply plug the appliance into the receiver and activate the remote transmitter with a capability switch (not included). Choose either latch or momentary activation. With the latch selection, the appliance will run until the user turns it off by activating the switch again. In the momentary mode, the appliance will activate only when a switch is pressed and will shut off when switch is released. (117 VAC output maximum 600 watts).

Size: 4"W x 7"L x 2"H. Requires Capability Switch and 2 AA Batteries.


thumbnail imageProduct No 591


Environmental Controls & Accessories

Product No 591

£210.84 Exc. VAT

£ Inc. VAT

Scans and controls four devices! Control 4 devices in your environment by activating a capability switch. Just hold your switch and 4 lights flash sequentially for each of your devices. Releasing the switch at a chosen location changes the state of that appliance. Example: if a lamp was on and you selected the indicator light by releasing your switch, it would turn off the lamp. The control unit is supplied with two appliance modules (Receivers with a wall outlet). If you want to control 4 separate A.C. electronic devices, you need to purchase 2 additional receivers.

Size: 4½"L x 2½"W x 1"H. Requires Capability Swith and one 9-V Battery.

Product No 591X Two Additional Receivers Only

£92.76 Exc. VAT



thumbnail imageProduct No 2502

Talk 8 With Environmental Control Unit

Product No 2502

£491.75 Exc. VAT

£ Inc. VAT

Also a communicator! This 12-level communicator controls up to 4 remote household electronic devices and allows you to record messages for each, e.g. “lamp on”, “lamp off”. Additionally the device can be used as a 12-level communicator with 600 seconds of record time, Double jacks for one or two switch scanning, Inverse Scanning, Automatic Scanning, Two Switch Scanning, Step Scanning, On/Off Auditory Cueing. Device supplied with four X-10 wall receivers.

Size: 11½" x 6½" x 3". Requires 4 AA Batteries and AC wall outlet.


thumbnail imageProduct No 708

Intela Plug

Product No 708

£89.20 Exc. VAT

£ Inc. VAT

Brighten Up A Room By The Sound Of Your Voice! The IntelaPlug allows the user to turn on their lights with simple voice commands. It can be used to turn “ON” or “OFF” lamps, radios, fans or other small appliances. The IntelaPlug has two speech recognition technologies to choose from. Speaker independent mode allows any user to operate the unit to control lights in your home. Speaker dependent mode allows the user the flexibility of programming any word you choose, in any language for “ON” or “OFF” operation.


thumbnail imageProduct No 592

Child Environmental Controls

Product No 592

£381.18 Exc. VAT

£ Inc. VAT

Control four devices! Easy to use control for four remote AC wall mounted receivers. Pushing the upper button turns a device on, the lower one turns a device off. Supplied with four X-10 wall receiver modules.

Size: 12½"L x 8"W x 3"H. Requires 4 AA Batteries.


thumbnail imageProduct No 8002

Vibrating Ring Extender

Product No 8002

£165.00 Exc. VAT

£ Inc. VAT

This is the perfect fit for anyone reliant on a signal for telephone calls, doorbells, or other noises. The Transmitter has adjustable noise sensitivity and makes the Receiver VIBRATE when it detects a noise. Ideal for the hearing impaired or for use in loud environments. Does not require an external capability switch.

Requires 1 12-V and 2 AA Batteries.