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thumbnail image Slant Board

Product No 3200

Slant Board

Product No 3200

£82.00 Exc. VAT

£98.40 Inc. VAT

Perfect for assisting with handwriting training! The Slant Board encourages proper wrist position allowing for improved form in handwriting. In addition, use of this Slant Board promotes better functional postural position and stability.

Size: 15"W x 14"L x 4"H.

Design by Elizabeth Meyer, a pediatric and rehabilitation professional


thumbnail image Perceptual Motor Trainer

Product No 1130


Perceptual Motor Trainer

Product No 1130

£140.00 Exc. VAT

£168.00 Inc. VAT

Improves eye-hand coordination! This special training aid helps teach eye-hand coordination. Just tape a design to the plate (such as a simple line or a letter of the alphabet) and begin tracing a path with the child’s pencil. When the pencil strays off path and contacts the metal base, a buzzer sounds and a light goes on, reinforcing motor learning with visual and auditory cues.

Size: 14¾" x 11¾". Requires 2 AA Batteries.