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thumbnail image Wheelchair Trainer

Product No 1520

Wheelchair Trainer

Product No 1520 (Discontinued)

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Save up to £1,000! These days, buying a motorized wheelchair can cost you upwards of £5,000. Before you make such a large and costly purchase, it’s often wise to consider the person’s perceptual motor skills. Our exclusive Wheelchair Trainer is an innovative training device that helps you do just that. The easy-to-use joystick features four arrows which light up and sound a beeper in response to the direction being pushed. The teacher or therapist stands behind the client who is seated in a conventional wheelchair. By watching the arrows, the teacher can push the wheelchair in the direction indicated. After a short period of use, the trainer can help you determine whether or not a motorized chair is the right choice. Comes with a variety of knobs. This is self-contained and does not actually connect to the wheelchair.

Size: 10½"L x 7"W x 3¾"H. Requires 1 9-V Battery.