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thumbnail image Motorized Scooter Board

Product No 1510

Motorized Scooter Board & Accessories

Product No 1510 (No Longer Available)

£1800.00 Exc. VAT

£2160.00 Inc. VAT

Teaches young children how to move independently! Designed especially for young children who have never moved independently. Great for teaching skills such as cause and effect, topographical orientation, and how to stop at obstacles. The Scooter Board moves slowly in a straight line or a circle when activated by any of our switches. (The rear wheels are pre-set to move straight ahead. However, you can adjust the rear wheels to make the Motorized Scooter Board go in a circle). Can be used with seats or other inserts placed on the platform. Comes complete with 12-V Battery and Battery charger. Maximum weight is 95 lbs.

Size: 38" x 16" x 8". Plate switch not included.


thumbnail image Multi-Directional Scooter Board

Product No 1510-S

Multi-Directional Scooter Board & Accessories

Product No 1510-S (No Longer Available)

£2700.00 Exc. VAT

£3240.00 Inc. VAT

Drives like an electric wheelchair! This multi-use scooter board allows the user to move in all directions with four switches or a special joystick (included). This scooter has adjustable speed control and a very long-life heavy-duty rechargeable battery. Maximum weight capacity is 100 lbs. The unit accepts most seating systems and has a built-in, adjustable backrest. It has two extension flaps for taller individuals. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Prone Position Size: 42"L x 20½"W x 23"H, Sitting Position Size: 34"L x 20½"W x 16"H.