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Wireless Ultimate Switch

Product No 2700

Wireless Ultimate Switch

Product No 2700

£260.00 Exc. VAT

£312.00 Inc. VAT

Our exclusive Ultimate Switch is now available in a wireless version! This cordless switch transmits 20 feet through the air by radio waves. Comes complete with 19" gooseneck, universal clamp, transmitter and receiver.

Requires 1 6-V and 2 AA Batteries. PLEASE NOTE: Only one wireless switch can be used in a room.


Invotek Voice Switch

Product No ILT0132

Invotek Voice Switch Watch Video

Product No ILT0132

£350.00 Exc. VAT

£420.00 Inc. VAT

The Voice Switch gives you the ability to activate two relays using your voice or another sound. You can adjust the following:

  1. The loudness of sound required to activate the relays.
  2. The duration of the sound.
  3. The audio feedback volume.

The Voice Switch is unique because you can select between having it listen to only human voiced sounds or all sounds.

A microphone is required. InvoTek provides a standard "ear-bud" microphone (bottom picture below). The ear bud microphone is a lapel mic with a small ear-bud speaker. You can also use any "universal" style 2.5mm standard microphone.


Sound Activated Switch

Product No 1051

Sound Activated Switch

Product No 1051

£160.00 Exc. VAT

£192.00 Inc. VAT

Easily adjustable!
This ultra-sensitive switch responds to a whisper or a loud clap. You can easily set the sound sensitivity to which the switch will respond. In the timed mode, you can adjust the length of time the switch will stay on after the initial activation (1-120 seconds). In the latching mode, the first sound will activate a switch closure and the second will disable it. In the momentary mode, the circuit is closed for the duration of sound detection.

Size: 4½"L x 2¼"W x 1¼"H. Requires 1 9-V Battery



Wireless Gumball Switch

Product No 786

Wireless Gumball Switch

Product No 786 (Discontinued)

£.00 Exc. VAT

£.00 Inc. VAT

Easy to use!
Our new Gumball Switch is now wireless and easy to activate. When the switch is pressed, it transmits a signal to the receiver (included), which activates a toy, device, or a computer switch interface system. This switch can be used as far away as 20 feet from the item.

Size: 4"L x 5"W x 2"H. Receiver requires 2 AA Batteries and Switch requires 1 6-V Battery. PLEASE NOTE: Only one wireless Gumball switch can be used in the same room.

Only one Wireless Gumball Switch can be used in the same room