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Plate Switch

Plate Switch

A handful of fun at the touch of a switch! Our brightly-colored plate switches respond to even the slightest touch. They are ergonomically designed so that you need only make the slightest movement to contact the sloping plate. Suction cups are provided for ease of attachment to most surfaces. These plate switches are available in two handy sizes: 3" x 5" and 5" x 8". We’ve added an intention adjustment to #820-X. Great for those with uncontrolled movements or tremors. This feature requires the user to hold the switch for a specific amount of time (1-15 seconds) before the device is triggered. Once the intention time is set, the user can select latched, timed or momentary output.

Product No 810 3" x 5" Plate Switch

£105.00 Exc. VAT

£126.00 Inc. VAT




Sensory Plate Switch

Sensory Plate Switch

Product No 886

£190.00 Exc. VAT

£228.00 Inc. VAT

Provides stimulating feedback!
Specially-designed for the client who requires exceptional sensory input, this 5" x 8" bead chain and unbreakable plastic mirror will vibrate and play music when touched. The lighted version plays music and vibrates. Can also be used as an external switch without vibration, music and/or lights when connected to a toy or device.

Size: 11¾" x 8½" x 3". Requires 2 C Batteries.