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Infinity Bead Chain

Product No 6472

Infinity Bead Chain Watch Video

Product No 6472

£420.00 Exc. VAT

£504.00 Inc. VAT

The possibilities are endless with this unique multisensory toy that provides simultaneous tactile, visual and auditory stimulation. Touch the cool, smooth beads and activate a never-ending tunnel of multi-colored LED lights and the sounds of soothing classical music. Comes with four suction cups and on/off volume control.

Note: Music may vary. Size: 17"L x 8"W x 13"H Weight: 2½ lbs.Battery: 4 C


curtain beadsTwirling Bead Chain

Product No 6470

Twirling Bead Chain

Product No 6470

£350.00 Exc. VAT

£420.00 Inc. VAT

Feel the cool beads! Activate the built-in red gumball switch and the carousel begins to turn causing the colorful cool beads to gently touch your hand as they spin by. In addition, upbeat music plays and red and blue lights sparkle. Can also be activated with your own capability switch. A great sensory experience that also teaches cause and effect. 

Size: 8½"Diameter x 11"H. Requires 2 C and 6 AAA Batteries. Weight: 3 lbs.




Somatosensory Musical Bead Chain/Switch

Product No 357

Somatosensory Musical Bead Chain/SwitchWatch Video

Product No 357

£275.00 Exc. VAT

£330.00 Inc. VAT

Hours of tactile and auditory stimulation!
This innovative Bead Chain is great for developing the concept of cause and effect. Movement of the beads will turn on a built-in music box. As long as the beads are making contact with the metal bar, the music stays on. Can also be used as an external capability switch without music when connected to any toy or device. (Works as a switch or as an independent toy).

Size: 13"H x 15"L x 11"W. Requires 2 AA Batterie


Peek-a-Boo Mirror Switch

Product No 348

Peek-a-Boo Mirror Switch Watch Video

Product No 348

£270.00 Exc. VAT

£324.00 Inc. VAT

Encourages exploration!
Mirror provides tactile and visual reinforcement. Playing with the beads will activate lights, vibration and music, while the soothing chains provide unique tactile stimulation. Vibration sensitivity is adjustable. Can be used as a switch to activate devices. Can be used on the floor or a table. Lights, vibration and music can be turned on or off by hidden switches.

Size: 12"W x 10½"H. Requires 6 AA Batteries.


Multi Coloured Bead Chains

Product No 647

Multi Coloured Bead Chains Watch Video

Product No 647

£260.00 Exc. VAT

£312.00 Inc. VAT

Ergonomic design! Our popular bead chains have a unique design for children who can reach through to the base. When a hand passes over the light sensor, a red light blinks and music plays. A mini version stands 6” tall and the other 12" tall.
Requires 4 AA Batteries.

Size: 12" H



Somatosensory Bead Chain

Product No 355

Somatosensory Bead Chain

Product No 355

£200.00 Exc. VAT

£240.00 Inc. VAT

Provide hours of pleasurable sensory input! Even the most profoundly challenged children will reach out to these popular bead curtains. Mounted on a sturdy base, rubber suction cups hold it in place on almost any surface. Choose either silver beads (#355) or multicolored beads (#362).

Size: 17¼" x 8¼" x 13". No Batteries required.