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Activity Gym

Product No 2319



Activity Gym

Product No 2319

£435.00 Exc. VAT

£522.00 Inc. VAT

Let discovery begin! Our Activity Gym has five different activities to explore as well as flashing lights, music and a mirror to add interest. Pull the center toy and upbeat music plays. All pull toys are interchangeable for variety. Additional set of five toys available separately. Encourages grasping, reaching, eye hand coordination and develops gross motor skills and tactile senses. Easy to assemble and take apart.

Size: 28"W x 30"H. Requires 2 AA Batteries. Weight: 8½ lbs.


Extra Interchangeable Toys (Set of 5)

Product No 2318

£120.00 Exc. VAT

£144.00 Inc. VAT


Gel Pad Activty Center

Product No 3951

Gel Pad Activity Center Watch Video

Product No 3951

£475.00 Exc. VAT

£570.00 Inc. VAT

Our new Activity Center is a fun filled stimulating busy box. Thre different gel pad switches provide wonderful opportunities for exploration. Press the green switch and the fan blows while music plays. Press the red switch and a police light flashes while sirens play and police talk. The yellow switch vibrates while colourful glitter whirls around a dome and music plays.

Size: 23½ "L x 14"W x 6"H. Requires 9 AA and 6 C Batteries.


my sweet homeTactivity Center

Product No 4110

Tactivity Center Watch Video

Product No 4110

£280.00 Exc. VAT

£336.00 Inc. VAT

Strike it, pull it, slide it! Our new Tactivity Center combines therapy, exercise and fun all in one. Improve eye-hand coordination, strength/grasp and targeting. Comes with two balls and one large ring, each with its own unique texture and movement that encourages the child to reach out. Sturdy construction made of lightweight PVC tubing. Comes with two c-clamps for secure mounting to a table or wheelchair tray.

Size: 23"L x 20"H.


Adapted Toys

All That Glitters Product No 2301

All That Glitters Watch Video

Product No 2301

£345.00 Exc. VAT

£414.00 Inc. VAT

Multi-dome activity center! Children will love exploring this spectacular multi-dome activity center. The slightest pressure on any corner will reward the user with lights, vibration, music, and flying beads and glitter. All That Glitters is a delightful center for visual, auditory and tactile awakening.

Size: 11" x 11" x 6". Requires 4 C Batteries


Compact Activity Center Product No 2300


Compact Activity Center Watch Video

Product No 2300

£235.00 Exc. VAT

£282.00 Inc. VAT

Fun and learning are right at their fingertips with this small-scale activity center that provides both cognitive and sensory stimulation. Perfect for users with limited mobility, this small-scale multi-use toy features our popular bead curtain, a dome with brightly-colored sequins that spins with the press of a button, a textured plate that vibrates and lights up, and a pull ball that turns on a music box!

Compact Activity Center

Give them learning and enjoyment right at their fingertips. Get sensory and cognitive stimulation with the Compact Activity Center. Perfect for users with limited mobility, this small-scale, multi-use toy features our popular bead curtain, a vibrating light-up plate, a music box activated with a pull ball and a spinning dome of brightly-colored sequins!

NOTE: Wall mountable, mounting hardware included.

Ready for Play in Multiple Positions

We designed this activity center to let users with multiple positional needs have fun. You can play with the Compact Activity Center in positions that include:

  • Tabletop: Set the activity center on a table or similar surface so the user can play while sitting.
  • Floor: The activity center can also lay on the floor during activity mat time.
  • Wall-mounted: This toy has four screw holes on each corner and mounting hardware for wall placement.
  • Side-lying: Ask about the Side-Lyer version of this product for special positioning needs.



Five Function Activity Center Product No 510

Five Function Activity Center Watch Video

Product No 510

£330.00 Exc. VAT

£396.00 Inc. VAT


Encourages exploration! Now comes with convenient on/off switch. This fun-filled activity center provides five stations for somatosensory stimulation: a bright yellow plate activates an AM/FM radio, a large red plate vibrates when pressed, a wooden roller sounds a buzzer, a pull ball turns on a music box, and a large orange plate turns on a bright light. Each of the switch plates has been designed to enhance sensory awareness.

Size: 15" x 11½" x 4". Requires 2 C Batteries.


Desktop Busy Box

Product No 3009

Desktop Busy Box Watch Video

Product No 3009

£230.00 Exc. VAT

£276.00 Inc. VAT

Spin and enjoy! Our wonderful new tactile mini-cube provides hours of fun. Spin the busy box and discover different tactile experiences along with multi-colored lights, a mirror, music, and vibration. When you press the red plate, your pre-recorded message plays with 10 seconds of recording time.

Size: 7½"L x 7½"W x 5"H. Requires 2 AAA and 3 AA Batteries.


Textured Carousel Busy Box

Product No 2241

Textured Carousel Busy Box Watch Video

Product No 2241

£360.00 Exc. VAT

£432.00 Inc. VAT

Sensational spinner! Six specially textured pads reward the user with different sensory stimulation: vibration, three melodies, a popcorn ball popper, rainbow and other lights. The busy box spins on a Lazy Susan base. All pads respond to the slightest touch.

Size: 12"D x 6½"H. Requires 6 AA Batteries.


Therapeutic Manipulator

Product No 2304

Therapeutic Manipulator Watch Video

Product No 2304

£450.00 Exc. VAT

£540.00 Inc. VAT

Encourages surprising rewards! Bright activity center encourages therapeutic movements. Pull on one of the two wiggle people and goofy cartoon sounds will play. Rotate the worm and set off a potpourri of lights, music and vibration in the dome. If you move the giant knob to the left or right, the user will hear more cartoon sounds. Pushing the green button plays a soothing tune. The wedge base can be easily removed so that the manipulator can be wall mounted (Hardware included). Please Note: Pull toys may vary

Size: 12" x 14" x 3". Requires 4 C and 4 AA Batteries.


Tether Ball Product No 8033

Tether Ball Watch Video

Product No 8033

£185.00 Exc. VAT

£222.00 Inc. VAT

Strike it!
A great exercise center for those with limited physical ability. Select the appropriate target and the user will enjoy having the ability to play. Balls are easy to attach and detach. Easily attaches to lapboard or tabletop with a 2" clamp (included).

Size: 24"H x 11"W.

Please Note: Balls may vary.


Wall Mounted Activity Center Product No 556

Wall Mounted Activity Center Watch Video

Product No 556

£365.00 Exc. VAT

£438.00 Inc. VAT

9 Sources of fun and sensory stimulation!
Our fun-filled, wall-mounted activity center provides a wide array of features for somatosensory stimulation: a bright blue plate which vibrates when pressed; a wooden roller that turns on a music box and lights; a pull-ball which turns on a fan; a large, yellow plate which switches on a bright light; a bead chain curtain with an unbreakable plastic mirror; one push button which activates a buzzer; one push button which activates a fan, and a push button which activates a music box and lights. Mounting hardware included.

Size: 21½" x 18½" x 4". Requires 2 C Batteries.

Comes complete with a FREE IEP Manual with suggested activities


Visually Impaired Activity Center Product No 520

Visually Impaired Activity Center Watch Video

Product No 520

£295.00 Exc. VAT

£354.00 Inc. VAT

Specially-designed for the visually impaired! This activity center features a blue tactile plate which vibrates when pressed, a pull-ball which activates a fan, and a textured yellow oval plate which turns on an AM/FM radio. Provides loads of fun for the visually impaired. 

Size: 13½" x 9" x 4½". Requires 2 C Batteries.


Visually & Hearing Impaired Activity Center Product No 540

Visually & Hearing Impaired Activity Center

Product No 540

£230.00 Exc. VAT

£276.00 Inc. VAT

Provides hours of somatosensory stimulation! This activity center is specially-designed to introduce individuals who cannot see or hear, to the world of play. Provides a fantastic tactile experience. Includes a spinning soft cloth, a vibrating plate and a fan.

Size: 13" x 9" x 4½". Requires 2 C Batteries. Weight: 1½ lbs.


Sensational Textured Activity Center

Product No 2251

Sensational Textured Activity Center

Product No 2251

£505.00 Exc. VAT

£606.00 Inc. VAT

Great for parallel play! Just spin this wonderful busy box and go on an adventure of textures, sights and sounds. Six different activation plates which operate independently encourage parallel play for two or more children. Mirrors, fans, music, songs, lights, sound effects, and spinning beads are just some of the wonderful sensory sensations this activity center provides. High contrast colors are great for a user with visual impairments.

Size: 17½"Diameter x 8½"H. Requires 6 C Batteries. Weight: 6½ lbs.