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Talking Magic Roller

Product No 1652


Talking Magic Roller


Product No 1652

£295.00 Exc. VAT

£354.00 Inc. VAT

Roll out a story!
The slightest touch rolls the cylinder and starts your story, songs or ABCs. This learning toy has a built-in sequential recorder which allows you to record and play. For example, roll and the first message is spoken; roll again and the second message is heard; etc. Simultaneously, the lights flash and the roller vibrates. Further, if the child cannot roll the unit, a capability switch (not included) can be used which runs on the built-in roller motor. The roller sequencer also can be removed from its stand and played with on a table or floor. Total recording time is 5 minutes.

Roller Size: 6"D x 6"H. Requires 4 AA Batteries. Base Size: 8½"L x 12"W x 5"H. Requires 2 AA Batteries.



Puzzle Communicators

Product No 3088



Product No 3079

Puzzle Communicators & Accessories


Product No 3088 Whole Set (base and all five puzzel)

£302.00 Exc. VAT £362.40 Inc. VAT

Interchangeable! A complete set of five spectacular talking puzzles. Record messages for each puzzle on a separate level of the communicator. Easy to record and easy to change subjects. Either place or take the puzzle piece and your message plays. The communicator has five levels with a level announcer for each level. Total record time is 300 seconds. Buy as a complete set which includes the Communicator Base and five puzzles (#3088) or the Communicator Base and One Puzzle (#3079). Additional puzzles can be purchased for use with #3079.

Size: 13"L x 12"W x 5"H. Requires 4 AA Batteries.








Product No 3079 Jumbo Fish

£.00 Exc. VAT £.00 Inc. VAT (Discontinued)

(Base and One Shapes Puzzle)



Shape Talker

Product No 367


Shape Talker


Product No 367

£245.00 Exc. VAT

£294.00 Inc. VAT

Now with 3 messages!
This brightly colored shape recognition container gives three separate 5-second messages which you can pre-record. Match the shape to the opening, drop it in and be rewarded with your message. Great for developing eye-hand coordination.

Size: 8"D x 8"H. Requires 4 AA Batteries.